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[English][CELEBRITY VARIETY] BTS > 'Spring' Special Stage (BTS focus) @MMA - KPOPIS.COM English -

'Spring' Special Stage (BTS focus) @MMA ]]>
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[English][CELEBRITY MUSIC] Stray Kids > Grrr Law Of Total Madness - KPOPIS.COM English -

"Grrr Law Of Total Madness" Performance Video ]]>
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On January 8, 2018 at 6 pm, the group of six, INFINITE, provides a prelude to a new start. The title track Tell Me is a song with the same but completely different feelings from the previous songs. It added the dreamlike and sophisticated feelings with the minimal sound and understated vocal based on the groups signature sensibility. The more relaxed and mature performances are also remarkable. ]]>
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[English][CELEBRITY MUSIC] Momoland > "BBoom BBoom" Dance Practice - KPOPIS.COM English -

"BBoom BBoom" Dance Practice ]]>
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[English][CELEBRITY MUSIC] Mamamoo > Paintme - KPOPIS.COM English -

One of the strongest girls groups both in name and reality, MAMAMOO, started to make a sketch to paint the new year of 2018 with their own colors.
The newly released song Paint Me has the picturesque lyrics that compared the excitement and warmth of love, the pain of cold breakups and the passionate emotions that get hotter with four colors of white, yellow, blue and red. Despite the controlled session configuration, a combination of the abundant ambience, the melodies of the main piano that keep the balance of the song, the guitar sounds that lead the song by building tension in the song and the string sounds at the latter half of the song created the music in a magnificent scale like the OST of a blockbuster movie. ]]>
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[English][CELEBRITY MUSIC] EXO > Universe - KPOPIS.COM English -

EXO's Winter Special Album "Universe" has been released. ]]>
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[English][CELEBRITY MUSIC]MeloMance-Gift - KPOPIS.COM English -

MeloMance-Gift ]]>
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[English][CELEBRITY MUSIC] Hyuna > Lip & Hip - KPOPIS.COM English -

HyunA - 'Lip & Hip' ]]>
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[English][CELEBRITY MUSIC] JongHyun > Lonely (Feat. Tae Yeon) - KPOPIS.COM English -

JONGHYUN's new album '종현 소품집 '이야기 Op.2' (Story Op.2)' has been released. The album contains a total of 10 tracks, all of them self written by JONGHYUN. The title track "Lonely (Feat. 태연)" is composed of short sequences with minimal instrumentation and features a special collaboration between JONGHYUN and TAEYEON. Enjoy the Music Video for "Lonely (Feat. 태연)" and send lots of love and support to him! ]]>
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