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UPTV] musical [December] press preview - kim jun-su,park gun-hyung,lee chang-yong,kin dae-jong

' December: unfinished song ' gu Kim Kwang-Seok's music fills all the numbers into a creative musical. Ours ' UK ' and activist students ' deferred ' love, pain and the breakup of the era surrounding them, as well as 20 years of cross-flow of doom was in the midst of it keeps all these years. ]]>
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Love Yourself 承 'Her' is the first album to be released since BTS revealed their new "brand identity" on July 4, 2017, complete with a new, simplified logo and an alternative English name, "Beyond the Scene". Promotions for the "Love Yourself" era began on August 10 with a series of posters that teased a set of dramatic short films or "highlight reels" that were released over four days starting on August 15. On August 21, 2017, it was revealed that BTS was in preparation for a new mini-album to be released on September 18th, which was later confirmed by Big Hit Entertainment. Prior to release, the album was reported to portray the stories of "young adults who fall in love". On September 4, BTS released a comeback trailer featuring "Serendipity", the intro track from the album. Recorded as a solo by member Jimin, the "chill-out urban track" was noted for its "mystic vocals and characterful lyrics." Two days later, Big Hit posted concept photos for all four versions of the album on the label's official Twitter account. The tracklist was posted on September 12[6] and two teasers for lead single "DNA" were released on September 14 and 15. On September 18, the album was released alongside the music video for its title track, "DNA". ]]>
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[English][CELEBRITY MUSIC]Yun Jongsin - do you like - KPOPIS.COM English -

Even though I want to wish you a happy ex-lover sings the bittersweet the inevitable nostalgia. ]]>
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[English][CELEBRITY MUSIC]Hwang Chi Yeul - A Daily Song - KPOPIS.COM English -

Many people in the 'songs' that you can relate to materials popular lyrics that everyone can relate to anyone who went through a breakup as you can feel in the words "no matter how I do not want to look block the ear hearing keeps buzzing agony wrought songs to listen every day," horses and You can feel the excitement that are routine ____EXPRESSION____s. This gets added a nice piano melody and gorgeous string arrangements there gets added to the cool dark yet appealing voice that sulfur causes intense times touched by the song. ]]>
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[English][CELEBRITY MUSIC] EXO > Ko Ko Bop - KPOPIS.COM English -

EXO's 4th full album "THE WAR" has been released. The album contains a total of 9 tracks, including the title track "Ko Ko Bop". "Ko Ko Bop" is an energetic reggae song with rhythmical reggae and bass guitar sounds. Members CHEN, CHANYEOL and BAEKHYUN have participated in writing the lyrics, which talk about how to let your body move as it wants and dance freely together on the night before the inevitable war. Enjoy the Music Video for "Ko Ko Bop" and send lots and love and support to them! ]]>
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[English][CELEBRITY MUSIC] Girl's Generation > Holiday - KPOPIS.COM English -

Girls' Generations 6th full length album "Holiday Night" has been released. The album contains a total of 10 tracks, including the double title tracks "Holiday" and "All Night". With fresh sounds and energetic vocals, "Holiday" is the perfect summer anthem. Member SEOHYUN has participated in the lyric-writing of the song, which talks about the feelings marked by the 10th anniversary holiday. Enjoy the Music Video for "Holiday" and send lots of love and support to them! ]]>
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[English][CELEBRITY MUSIC] Winner > ISLAND - KPOPIS.COM English -

"Island" is a tropical house track, which talks about romantic feelings with the unique theme of "island" and interesting lyrics. ]]>
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[English][CELEBRITY MUSIC] Taeyang > DARLING - KPOPIS.COM English -

This prefix difficult one unique chord progressions and voice humming in the music industry is R & B songs that decorate the intro. Clinch with the most minimalist arrangements that naetdaneun released with the most common color of the sun not only can the other singers imitate the theme of love, and it is an impressive point. DARLING consisting of a magnificent drumming to properly emerge only part that emotions are heightened and unique scale is considered worth presenting songs new spectrum. ]]>
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[English][CELEBRITY MUSIC] G-Dragon > Untitled, 2014 - KPOPIS.COM English -

"Untitled, 2014" is a song recorded by South Korean singer-rapper G-Dragon, serving as the lead single for his second extended play and self-titled Kwon Ji Yong (2017). It was written by G-Dragon, who also co-produced the song with Choice37 and Seonwoo Jeonga. ]]>
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[English][CELEBRITY MUSIC] Gfriend > Summer Rain - KPOPIS.COM English -

The girl group GFRIEND who has given us a sweet summer in August, 2017 is supposed to release a repackage album RAINBOW on 13th September. Theyre going to keep their own mood in this fall.
The title song SUMMER RAIN is the 2nd series beginning from the 1st LOVE WHISPER. Its impressive lyrics are telling about remembering last summer. Especially, theyve maximized their sentimental mood by sampling Schumans Liederkreis Dichterliebe op.48-1 ]]>
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