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Park Won/ Suzy- Dont Wait For Your Love

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[English][English]Agency> glorious entertainment(글로리어스 엔터테인먼트) - KPOP COMPANY PROFILE -
Gimjaechul representatives are operated by affiliated actor Ji Chang-wook, Li Qian Mi, Lee Hyeon-ji, Park Ji-hun is such celebrity menijimeonteu business operates a cafe Soso as a representative of the business.

Tel: 02) 3445-0067
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[English][CELEBRITY VARIETY]MusicBank Live 2017.02.24 - KPOPIS.COM English -

#RedVelvet - ♬ #ROOKIE
#100% - ♪ #SKETCH_U
#SF9 - ♬ #ROAR
and SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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[English][CELEBRITY MUSIC] Block B > YESTERDAY Dance practice - KPOPIS.COM English -

YESTERDAY Dance practice ]]>
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[English][English]Agency> Fantagio(판타지오) - KPOP COMPANY PROFILE - In 2012, the company had a reported operating income of KR₩14.1 billion with a net income of KR₩1.8 billion (approximately US$1.6 million). ]]> Auto RSS system 2016-08-12 [English][English]532> Hee Do(희도) - KPOP STAR PROFILE PAGE - Auto RSS system 2016-12-22 [English][English]Agency> chorok stars(CMG초록별) - KPOP COMPANY PROFILE - Auto RSS system 2014-05-09 [English][CELEBRITY MUSIC] AKMU > LAST GOODBYE - KPOPIS.COM English -

There were old feelings that you do not understand. I would like to break up. Ex say that because it seemed like a contradiction in itself. My childhood wounds, then gave the horse a while, I do not like the sentence remained. Over time other people had the time to learn and experience the Lee Chan-hyuk have feelings that you can only see the Magna younger. Many knew that it was understood that it can not help the situation. No matter back to that moment it has been a precious and beautiful time haenotgo wanted to record. ]]>
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[English][CELEBRITY MUSIC] Taeyun > Starlight (Feat. DEAN) - KPOPIS.COM English -

TAEYEONs 2nd mini album "Why" will be released on the 28th of June.
The album includes 7 songs and the title track “Why”, composed by LDN Noise, is a song that goes well with summer. The lyrics is about hoping to get away from the daily routine and be free. Also, the albums 2nd track "Starlight", featured by DEAN, has been released ahead of official album release. Enjoy the music video of “Starlight" first and stay tuned for the updates! ]]>
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[English][CELEBRITY MUSIC] I.O.I > Very Very Very - KPOPIS.COM English -

Through the greatest audition Produce 101 that crated a lot of issue, the girl group I.O.I was born. I.O.I is born from public producers, and they are coming back with the 2nd mini album “miss me?” on October 17th.

They are releasing their 2nd album after 5 month, and they are asking their fans who have been waiting for them to come back as 11 members. They are asking the question “Miss me?” and “Will you miss I.O.I in the future too?” They made this album so that I.O.I will be remembered for a long time.
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