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Acoustic sound and vintage Brass sound is impressive medium tempo R & B song. It gives rain falls at night, increase from the beginning of the song is heard in the background, rain song made 'further immersion in the memories and emotions of parting with past lovers.
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[English][CELEBRITY MUSIC]Younha - Take Five - KPOPIS.COM English -

Seo Taiji's debut 25th anniversary remake project Time Traveler (TIME: TRAVELER) is the third song of.

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[English][CELEBRITY MUSIC] Jung Yongwha > That Girl (Feat. Loco) - KPOPIS.COM English -

Funky sound is compelling title track daenseupap ]]>
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[English][CELEBRITY MUSIC]KARD-Hola Hola - KPOPIS.COM English -

BM, J.seph, Jeon Somin, Jeon Jiwoo are the members of group KARD!
They've successfully ended their debut project and released their debut album [KARD 1st Mini Album "Hola Hola"] on July 19.
Their title song "Hola Hola" is a song with strong drum beats added by synth and pads.
EDM melody in tropical house genre was added and the song reminds the listeners of the hot sun and the blue ocean.
The members' unique, charming voices and grand performances emphasize KARD's own charm. ]]>
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[English][CELEBRITY MUSIC] EXO > Ko Ko Bop - KPOPIS.COM English -

EXO's 4th full album "THE WAR" has been released. The album contains a total of 9 tracks, including the title track "Ko Ko Bop". "Ko Ko Bop" is an energetic reggae song with rhythmical reggae and bass guitar sounds. Members CHEN, CHANYEOL and BAEKHYUN have participated in writing the lyrics, which talk about how to let your body move as it wants and dance freely together on the night before the inevitable war. Enjoy the Music Video for "Ko Ko Bop" and send lots and love and support to them! ]]>
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BoA's "CAMO" has been released. "CAMO" is a dance genre song produced by The Underdogs, with heavy base and synth sounds that are accompanied by BoA's powerful vocal performance. Enjoy the Music Video for "CAMO" and send lots of love and support to her! ]]>
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[English][English]Agency> SIM ENTERTAINMENT(심엔터테인먼트) - KPOP COMPANY PROFILE - The Agency is mainly belonging to the performer.
[Won][Uhm Jung-Hwa][Uhm Tae-Woong], etc. ]]>
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[English][English]Agency> namooactors(나무엑터스) - KPOP COMPANY PROFILE - [Moon Geun-young][Thank you Sir] this is belonging to the Agency. ]]> Auto RSS system 2012-10-08 [English][English]Agency> CJ E&M(CJ E&M) - KPOP COMPANY PROFILE - TV, movies, music, performances, games and other rich media content and services across platforms
Cultural trends to lead Asia's No.1 comprehensive content businesses CJ E&M!
First, the best, the Only One to pursue a differentiation based on the spirit of CJ E&M this newly born.
Best of enjoyment to our customers Global Media Group CJ E&M is
The globalization of Pop Culture to lead Asia. ]]>
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[English][English]Agency> Polaris entertainment(폴라리스 엔터테인먼트) - KPOP COMPANY PROFILE -
Business Week is a music production, performance planning, learning management and more. In 2010, the capital of 100 million won support staff of about 20 people. Polaris subsidiary operates a joint venture with CJ E&M institution "Polaris Mnet".

Belongs artist Kim Bum Soo, ivy, Rumble Fish, Ladies code, Yang Dong-geun, Heejun, Kim Seon-Kyeong, Kim Se-a, Sunwoo, Ho-bin Jeong, and Oh Yoon Ah, Lee Kyun, canonical, up to a lush, Hwang Ji Hyun and more.


A. Music Business Area

- Planning and production release of their album artist
- Singer development and management
- OST production and participation-performance production

B. Management Business Area

- Sector Actors Management
- Newcomer development and management
- TV, film, advertising, entertainment, etc. Cast

C. Production and Investment

- Creation and investment involved
- Broadcast Content Creation
- Film production and investment
- Multimedia Industry Investment

Operating Division consists of the music business, management, and management support.

1. Entertainment (Music Album Division and Management Division): 822-742-5904

2. Management Support: 822-743-5905

3. Representative email

4. Auditions mail is using

[ Hosted performances ]

Polaris Christmas Concert (2013/12/25) Starring: Kim Bum Soo, Yang Dong-geun (YDG), Ivy

Get up itsyo Concert 2011 Kim Bum Soo Cast: Kim Bum Soo
Kim Bum Soo 7 release commemorative concert house (2010/11/06) Starring: Kim Bum Soo
Kim Bum Soo 7 release commemorative concert house (2010/10/30) Starring: Kim Bum Soo
Kim Bum Soo 7 release commemorative concert house (2010/10/23) Starring: Kim Bum Soo
Kim Tae Woo concert - T-VIRUS SHOW (2009/12/18) Starring: Kim Tae Woo
Kim Bum Soo happy radios (2009/01/17) Starring: Kim Bum Soo
Kim Bum Soo Christmas Concert (2008/12/24) Starring: Kim Bum Soo
Kim Bum Soo celebrates 6th album release concert theater (2008/10/17) Starring: Kim Bum Soo

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