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Golden Movie “Miracle” (English ver.) ]]>
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Golden Child - LET ME | @MCOUNTDOWN_2018.7.19 ]]>
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Gimjaechul representatives are operated by affiliated actor Ji Chang-wook, Li Qian Mi, Lee Hyeon-ji, Park Ji-hun is such celebrity menijimeonteu business operates a cafe Soso as a representative of the business.

Tel: 02) 3445-0067
이메일 :

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Triple H (Hangul: 트리플 H) is a trio formed by Cube Entertainment in 2017, composed of singer Hyuna and Pentagon members Hui and E'Dawn. They released their first extended play 199X on May 1, 2017.
In May of last year, Triple H who appeared amid high expectations returned to their second mini album in about a year.

Triple H is a trio project group formed by Cube Entertainment. There are HyunA, the unrivaled female solo, Hui and E'Dawn of Pentagon, who have recently achieved the recognition of their singer-song writer abilities through Shine which has quickly climbed the music charts. Through this album, HyunA who has demonstrated her own sexiness and trendy sense by challenging new music and performances, and Hui and E'Dawn who have showed their talent by participating in the production of their own album will generate a significant synergy effect. ]]>
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This summer, the fairy of the music charts, the strong musician GFRIEND, will return with a special summer mini album full of cuteness and freshness.
The title song, Sunny Summer begins with a cool guitar sound, is a cool pop dance music that describes the girls excitement during the summer nights. The fresh and funky tunes of GFRIEND give listeners a feeling of being on the beach. ]]>
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