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"Love Shot" is a song by South Korean boy band Exo, released on December 13, 2018 for the repackaged edition of the group's fifth studio album Love Shot. The music video was released on the same date.
Produced by Rice N' Peas, "Love Shot" is described as a pop dance track that features a memorably addictive chorus and heavy 808 bass. Members Chen and Chanyeol participated in writing the lyrics that talk about hoping to be together and rediscover the meaning of true love, which seems to be disappearing more and more from a dreary world. ]]>
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[English][English] TVXQ(동방신기) - KPOP STAR PROFILE PAGE - on July 31, 2009, members of the hero, xiah, Micky the SM Entertainment filed an injunction against the transfer contract suspension until now has filed a lawsuit to contacting the dispute among the three of them on June 2010, the Group has undertaken the activities forming JYJ.On the other hand, SM entertainment # the residual u, that is the name of the team went to survive while Bob's window on January 5, 2011 Korea started out as a regular 5th album released by reshaping the 2 member. Dong Bang Shin Ki is currently one, has written a great sales career record 800 million.
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"Lullaby" Dance Practice (Boyfriend Ver.) ]]>
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BTS 'IDOL' MV reaction ]]>
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Nam Woo Hyun - If only you are fine ]]>
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[English][English] BTS(방탄소년단) - KPOP STAR PROFILE PAGE - 2015
4th heating K-POP chart found on the World Rookie of the Year Award category
The 24th Seoul Music Awards bonsang
The 29th Golden Disk Awards, Music Division bonsang
3rd heating chart K-POP Men's Rookie of the Year Awards Group Division
Article 23th Seoul Music Awards Rookie of the Year
The 28th Golden Disk Awards, Music Division Rookie of the Year
5th Melon Music Awards Rookie of the Year ]]>
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