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Vol. 74
Sadness test
0Songs · August 22, 2015 BY manager

Vol. 49
Artist : SISTAR19, 4 minute, Sunmi, Bestie, Davichi, AOA, Spica
Idol produce : Brave Sound's Music
Special 프로듀스의 세계 : 용감한형제 음악들
gone not around any longer, what's your name?, full moon, love options, again, short hair, don`t move, south -well deserve?, miniskirt + like a cat a...
9Songs · February 19, 2013 BY soyeon

Vol. 48
Artist : T-ara, APINK, Secret, Park Jung-Min, Jewelry
Idol produce : Shinsadong horangee\'s Music 2
Special 프로듀스의 세계 : 신사동호랭이의 음악들 2
the peep will peeb, lovey dovey, roly poly, sexy love (dance ver. mv) , mymy, talk that, not alone, look at me...
8Songs · February 18, 2013 BY soyeon

Vol. 47
Artist : Beast, 4 minute, Hyuna
Idol produce : Shinsadong horangee's Music 1
Special 프로듀스의 세계 : 신사동호랭이의 음악들 1
fiction, breath, shock, bad girl , trouble maker, mystery, muzik, huh, hot issue, change, hyuna - bubble pop, volume up...
12Songs · February 18, 2013 BY soyeon

Vol. 46
Idol produce : Sweetune's Music 2
Special 프로듀스의 세계 : 스윗튠의 음악들 2
btd, paradise, lately, the chaser, be mine, that year's summer, she's back, 60sec, a, mach, gossipgirl, don't touch my girl, love style, janus, i yah...
15Songs · February 18, 2013 BY soyeon

Vol. 45
Artist : SS501, KARA, Nicole, Park Gyu-Ri, Han Seung-Yeon, Beast
Idol produce : Sweetune's Music
Special 프로듀스의 세계 : 스윗튠의 음악들
find, rock u, pretty girl, honey, mr, wanna, roast-feat.2am jin-woon, daydream, guilty, jumping, step, pandora, lupin, hateful person...
14Songs · February 13, 2013 BY soyeon

Vol. 43
glorious jumping BOA
Special 영광의 점핑 보아
eat you up, eat you up(diane ver) , the shadow, disturbance, girls on top, energetic, hurricane venus, only one, peace b, no.1, valenti, my name, atl...
13Songs · February 07, 2013 BY soyeon

Vol. 42
Artist : G-Dragon, Taeyang, SeongRi, BigBang
Solo Songs of Bigbang
Special 빅뱅의 빛나는 솔로 활동
crayon, one of a kind, that xx, i'll be there(kor), strong baby, knock out, baby good night, wedding dresses, you're mine / i need a girl (featuring ...
11Songs · February 07, 2013 BY soyeon

Vol. 41
Artist : SuperJunior-M, Super Junior
Super Junior unit! unit!
Joy 슈퍼주니어 유닛 총정리
break down, oppa,oppa, oppa,oppa (made by shindong), perfection, memory, junior k.r.y - memories, super junior donghae & eunhyuk - oppa, oppa, super ...
11Songs · February 07, 2013 BY soyeon

Vol. 40
Artist : B.A.P, BigStar, Block B, INFINITE
Idol HipHop in the House
Special 힙합 아이돌 모여라
no mercy, warrior, b.a.p - power, hotboy, freeze, tell them , nanrina, nillili mambo, special girl(feat. bumkey), without you(feat. zion.t)...
10Songs · February 07, 2013 BY soyeon

Vol. 39
Artist : Girl's Generation, Wonder Girls
Girl's War : SNSD vs Wondergirls
Special 소녀들의 전쟁 : 소녀시대 vs 원더걸스
i got a boy, genie, oh!, run devil run, gee, tell me, so hot, like this, 2 different tears, nobody, be my baby...
11Songs · February 07, 2013 BY soyeon

Vol. 38
Artist : Sechs Kies, k.will, ZE:A, Ga-In, Yang Yosub, Jung Eun-Ji, SISTAR, Orange Caramel, IU
Lovely Valnetaine Day Sweet songs
Love 러블리 발렌타인데이 스윗송
couple, i need you, beautiful lady song by hyungsik, bloom, eunji & yoseob - loveday, we love this as, loving u, bangkok city, shanghai romance, good...
10Songs · February 07, 2013 BY soyeon

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