Name : 신화(SHINHWA)
  Category : Boy Group
  Group Member : Man 6 Person
  Debut : 1998
  Nationality : Korea
  Leader : Eric (에릭)
  WebSite : Official Site


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Myth (shen hua, SHINHWA) is a 6-Member dance group of men: Korea
1998 March 24, ' the fixer ' debut, currently 10 regular albums and one summer album, four winter album, released on the album the best in Chapter 1.
Korea and the first Idol group in existence.
The myth was a Starter through public audition of SM entertainment.
1 House "fixer" on March 24, 1998 as "show music tank" debuted at KMTV.However, in 1998, at the time, the IMF and the natural disasters such as the untidy atmosphere, not a big accomplishment because of it.
After that, on April 15, 1999, and released the classic "T.O.P" 2nd House, Swan Lake, and was ranked the song does rank of sampling. And 6 at the end of the contract period the House activities, and members with belonging to the volatility in June 2003, a full speed with good entertainment, signed on 7 August 2004, and released a Brand New Home "activities". Since they began releasing solo albums of Immigration's personal activities.Eric is the Phoenix, a new employee, the invincible parachute agent, chilwu, drama and film, such as Jun's diary, bin, Domino's Pizza, baked corn, Lynn age furnace, megapass, appeared on many CF and has been the most active as an actor, with a strong color your own immigration crying 4 Studio albums and songs released as a singer and performer, Shin Hye-sung also by four studio albums as a singer and performer, Kim Dong-Wan activities and two studio albums and release it while working as a solo artist.
ADV also released a single album, and appeared in the drama as a singer and abroad and was active in 2008, the home of the New Decade is a regular one with a hearty activity and at the same time arts variety program.
Andy is also a regular DREAM House, the first NEW year dynasty and digital singles and ANDY, along with regular dramas, entertainment programs and musical "Music In My Heart", and "Polaroid", the rookie challenge and the idol group of jumpers and male-male duo foster and producer of Tin tower heights showcasing many solo activities. Later, in 2006, the State Of The Art "in the 8th House, as before, is the other ballads released Once in a Lifetime"-style ".Albums released on a bi-weekly market in spite of the recession, but in 20 million raised and sold over, 8th House on sale season finished a massive Asia Tour concerts.
2008-04-09 the myth that regular album released in 2004.
Special Limited Edition, limited to 5 million copies in 2 million copies of the three White Limited Edition, respectively, was released in the form of a regular album. Members of the military for a while due to the absence of myth as the mouth, on the eve of its overseas activities not vol.9 album nonetheless sold over 10 million copies.March 29, 30, in the Seoul Olympic Park gymnastics Stadium ON a massive concert, SHINHWA 10TH ANNIVERSARY LIVE IN SEOUL MUST GO ", had finished. Many fans from all over the world and to find and celebrate with their 10th anniversary, and to celebrate the myth of military service ends until their personal activities actively spread the military normally wanting to come back with a new look, just like after a hitherto.
Meanwhile, both members of the myth that duty on March 23, after 2012, after releasing the album debuted 14 anniversary of the March 24-25 in Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Stadium-the audience consider THE RETURN comeback concerts sold out with thousands of 24 in the just completed April-Japan, Tokyo, Bangkok, Beijing, Thailand and elsewhere, also People's Republic of China is reported to be planning to embark on a tour of Asia. Myth six members are discussing the details about a comeback in 2012, this same proposal was finalized.This is a separate company for the myth is a myth '. ', established company, with
' The myth of the company ' Eric, Lee Min-Woo's joint representation assumes the next myth solely responsible for domestic activities.

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