Ground Soybean Stew (Kongbiji-jjigae)

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Im very happy to introduce this kongbiji-jjigae recipe to you today. The first thing that comes to mind when I think of this ground soybean stew is the sight and sound of it sizzling and bubbling in an earthenware pot in the cold winter, just like I used to have it growing up. Warm, creamy, nutty, and healthy, its the perfect stew for colder weather.Kongbiji is soy pulp, which is leftover from the process of making tofu. In that process the soaked soybeans are pureed and then filtered through a sack. Whats filtered is used for tofu and the the soy pulp left in the sack is kongbiji. In this recipe, we wont make soy pulp that way, well puree soybeans in a blender.If anyone ever asked me which of my grandmothers dishes was her most delicious, I will definitely say, “kongbiji-jjigae!”. I was fascinated with her kongbiji-jjigae ever since I first saw and tasted it. I used to follow her when she went shopping and she would buy a lump of kongbiji at a local tofu factory. When she brought it home and made this stew for breakfast on a freezing cold day in the winter, it was always in the center of the table, sizzling and bubbling and making us all feel warm even before we tasted it!Whenever she was ready to serve a meal, she said, “Open the table!” She had several different sizes of tables, stored between the rice chest and the wall. My uncles took out a large circular wooden table. The table legs were folded, so several tables could be placed in the gap.One of my uncles unfolded the legs of the table, another cleaned the table with a wet cloth. My uncles set spoons, chopsticks, and side dishes on the table. Then my grandmother scooped rice from her huge cast iron pot into small individual bowls and my uncles and I helped her put the bowls on the table. Then the last dish to the table was this kind of sizzling stew! She always brought it at the last minute, so all family members could enjoy it hot, as long as possible.When I tasted her kongbiji-jjigae for the first time, I could not believe such a delicious dish existed in the world! : )The important tip in this recipe is not to vigorously mix the ground beans in to the stew. Do it gently, like I do it in the video, because if the beans get too mixed in, they will sink to the bottom of the pot. Slip your spoon into the bottom of the pot and then bring it up gradually, and shake the beans softly from underneath. That will keep them creamy.I hope you enjoy this recipe with your friends and family. Serve it bubbling and make everyone warm!

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