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A Woman and man of top star, they met. They have to make composition and Lyrics in a month. The man is charge of composition and The woman in charge of Lyrics. This program gives us the love as the movie title and its role. It is made through the actual time and take a shot by the real documentary format.

The She of today's Heroin in a beauty salon. She prepare her's hair and makeup for meeting the man.
The people get more excitement to meet somebody at first time. even they do not know each other.

The man of Singer song writer prepare for a new meeting. Now He go to apartment to see his partner.

The two people does not know each other. Today is the first day to meet.

They move the place to meet with getting a imagine their partner who is.

She entered the room and found a man on sofa. She is Park ShinHe in 21 year old and the Student of JungAng University. She is actor from childhood. She is Top Star since now many countries in Asia as well as the Korea public loved.

He found the woman to come in. he startled jump takes place up. He looks astonished and having a smile. He is 35 years old in this year and The member of Brown eyes male group, having activity of solo a lot.

Everyone is awkward in the first meeting. They are talking about the music together.

The woman ask the man playing the piano. actually She likes piano man. And He can play the piano.

At this time the woman play the guiter to show her song to him.

While the story of the time, he is hungry and he take her to famous restrant. He recommand the korean wine DongDongJu to open and close more with her. She hesitate to have a drink but agree to have a wine.

Finished having a dinner, He takes with her to his own Studio. The man shows his living space to her and get a special times.

They parted at today's meeting and feel special meeting. The man watch She came back to her house.

The two people prepare their work each in the their space.

The second meeting. They get a little more comfortable each other. Today meeting is the place of HongIk University because he heard she likes Hot place in HongDae Street.

She ask to him to buy a beautiful Cup in Fancy art shop.

They are happy in the street date which they wanted.

He let her listen music which he likes. and he buy the the Album. Maybe the man seems to intereste her and want to know something about her.

After dating, they move to working place for preparing composition and lyrics.

They are ready to talk about the things to do in the future. And not yet to listen his song. She show the her some of lyrics.

The man is a music expert. Yes, the man is called what?

That man sing a song with piano for her to get inspiration when she working with lyricist.

she seems to be impressed to hear that play.

That night. They talk about the music in a long time.
The people has increasingly expectation. It's looked form the out of the Han River.


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