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in The last episode of first meeting, they become their music taste each other. Yoon Gun satisfy Park ShinHe as his partner. Park ShinHe seems also to be happy from his kind mind.

Today is the second episode. It's been seven days after the first meeting. from the date in HongIk university, They are closed. At this Episode make good Music and Lyrics.

The two people got a promise to see their working room. Yoon Gun know today is her birthday. And so He get a plan to serve the dinner and prepare a steak of beef and Cellard in Mart.

Park Shin-Hye arrived at a workshop. Yoon Gun see the her lyrics and He shake his body according to rhythm.

Park Shin-Hye read the lyrics and Yoon Gun follow the rhythm instantly. She was impressed. She maybe fall in his Sweet melody.

Yoon gun is now made of food. She go to a kitchen from the living room. Yoon Gun say for her to stop to come.

Finally He prepare the meal as a happy birthday of her. She is now happy Just like a little kid and He think about She looks a rabbit.

She was impressed at his surprise birthday party and they have a wine all night.

After dinner, they do dart game. They bet on winner's wish.

She beat him in the game of darts. So she wanted to go to the Club.

They arrived at the clubs at HongIk University. Yoon Gun has also get a exciting like that in a long time.

He call her friends to celebrate her birthday party there. and there have a surprise party.

Her friends celebrate her birthday and She inroduce her friends to him.

All togather join dance party. It's mid night.

They work hardly in their practice room.

Two people was invited from Live radio program. She concetrate in every break time But it's not easy.

They joined in the Radio program "hoping Music of Noon Time".

Park Shin-Hye read her lyrics slowly and not fixed the title of song. Listners be happy through their sotry.

When they came back to broadcast, somebody knock the door.

Yoon Gun call Vocal trainer for her. He want for her to keep vocal basic control.

Vocal Trainer say to her that you are not ready to sing anhassdamyeo exertion. Vocal Trainer asked to keep good status repeatly. Park Shin-Hye said that "I'm not a singer" and want break time to go out suddenly. She looks angry?


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