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They take a tour by train with exciting.

Now they are more closed relationship. they looks happy.

They are happy what to do and what to say.

Junho ashamed to make music at First time. They are talking about their story each other. in really closed now, What kind of relations they would be?

The guy has been buying a lot of somthing to eat. She looks happy like a child.

They play GawiBayBo Game(Rock paper scissors game). Junho lose the game. She strike the egg on his head.

They try to tear off chopstick Biscuits. because the good result make a lucky. and Soeun do this well.

But Junho failed. So Soeun gave her Biscuits to him.

Soeun made Summary of Drana in overnight. they talk about the story of drama.

They arrived in Junju with happy talking.

The two people get a happy from tour expectation. They are getting not to do mind people's attention.

They arrived in Junju Cathedral which is the place of the movie "the promise".

The two people pray in Cathedral.

They toured the inside of the Cathedral.

Soeun say the conversation in the film. Junho really seems to be a Hero of film.

They Felt hungry. They find famous restaurants in the city of Junju.

They ordered the Bibimbap and get a talking about entertaining stories.

They are giving feed wrapped up each other. They looks real Lover more and more.

They get a Cheers with DongDong Wine of Korean traditional wine.

They hope to have a more time but they have to go to seoul by Bus.

A few days later, Junho made a promise. Soeun entered in Caffe and Junho say great reaction.

Today is the day which meet Music director. they checks prepared ones.

The two people drop in the office of Music Director to evaluation.

Director sat that the music is good but say to need more emotion. They could not use the music due to not fitable lyrics in Drama. So Soeun feel terribly depressed.

Backward to their home, Soeun worry about Junho who worry about herself.

in Dawn 5 oclock, Soeun are writing the lyrics hardly to go for drama shot. Soeun do not want to make Junho embarrass.

Suddenly Soeun go to Junho's workroom. JunHo get a feel Soeun's mind and feels so much closer especially.

JunHo sing Soeun's lyrics directly. at That time Junho ask to Sim-EunJin How about The Song in his Studio.

She made a good evaluation for the song. They go out to have a dinner. they get a natural skinship easier.

Along the way, Soeun feed JunhO orange. Soeun make a joke to Junho " Do you want to drop my house to see her parents in near from here?" they are saying Joke each other easy.

Their car is leaving in the territory of Seoul. Where Junho is going now?


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