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Junho reserved this camping ground for helping Soeun making lyrics.

Junho prepare the meal before working.

Soeun prepare cooking skillfully.

Soeun is making an egg FRY.

Junho is cooking BiBimBap which roasted rice with kimchi.

Junho is satisfied in his mind. Soeun have it deliciously.

the bibimbap which Two people made with is pretty good much to eat.

After eating, two people work hard to make the lyrics.

Joon-Ho think about something deeply.

The arround of Camping place is already getting dark.

Jun-Ho recommand Lee-jung as singer to Soeun and She agree it happily. Jun-Ho call Lee-jung and request to meet now.

Both are going to Lee-jung's Studio. The two people are fighting and holding hand in the car to success. Then two men keep going to held their hand.

They ask Lee-jung to sing a song. He accept it happily with Handshake.

7 days before Song's release

until Today, the Music Director decide to use their music. Soeun are waiting Junho in cafe.

Junho make a ply to Soeun who make lyrics hardly.

Jun Ho and Soeun are going to the Music Director's office. Their heart is heavy.

They show the Music source and lyrics to the Music Director.

Music Director ask Junho to sing a song. after all, Director decide to use their music in OST of Drama.

They are so glad to success and go to take the dinner in the restaurant of shooting Drama in order to celebrate.

And they feed each other there. Now they seems to have a good familiar a lot

The recording scene of Lee-jung

Men and women, they make appointment to meet in the last day.

Junho ready Open car for Soeun. He find Soeun who is waiting and approach her.

"Yo, Who is it?", Soeun said. then they are going to the near sea.

Junho go to seashore daring to Piggyback Soeun.

Soeun tears spill out thinking about today is the last day.

Already the Sun is down and darkened. Now they becomes to do break up time comming.

Soeun say thanks for a time with Junho.

Junho is also with tears in the eyes.

Soeun give the book and letter to Junho.

Now they get a last hug with regret apart.
That music is rising ranking number one in the next week.


composed by Junho and Lyrics by Soeun
Lee Jung
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