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The story is

The people are walking around quite lake.

then, we can see the two people among the Peoples.

There are small disturbance in quiet park. everyone saw somewhere other than the sight of Lake.
Caught the everyone's eye, there are one couple with white hair.

At the end of the head, they have a couple wear from shoes, same color and same hat. this couples have lived together for 65 years.

Hong Hyun-Bong as the 84-year-old and his wife is an 85-year-old.


That's really cool.

your violet color to be amtched, it looks really fantastic.

How old are you?

Hong Hyun-Bong : I'm a eighty-five years old.

Hong Hyun-Bong : when my wife was young, it's really beautiful and she made me melt down.

Hong Hyun-Bong : maybe my wife was more beautiful than yours at that times.

Hong Hyun-Bong : but now is more beautiful than young ages.

People : Yes, Now is more beautiful.

People : white skin and she have a beautiful body line.

People : S-line, S-line

People : I guess you caught this love disease.

People : Yes, so I wonder if I can live like this up too. That's the question and envy them.

People : Go home and say to my husband? Love the story.

Reporter : Grandma, are you feel good? is the reason that the people like you?

Lee Da-sun : Yes, nice and good, more better.

They go to smalll restrant to have a lunch.

Hong Hyun-Bong : we sit down same side-by-side due to couples.

Hong Hyun-Bong : Always I am on the right side and My wife sit on the left. Isn't it?

They sit quietly eating.

Hong Hyun-Bong : Let's try.

Hong Hyun-Bong : Did you make a Belching Song?
Lee Da-sun : No, it's not.

Reporter : grandmother, you did?

Hong Hyun-Bong : Trim sing is OK. I don't mind.

Reporter : Is this Song? Belching?

Hong Hyun-Bong : yes, we listen like a song.

Reporter : fart, also?
Hong Hyun-Bong : yes, farts too.

Hong Hyun-Bong : wife who fart, my wife has a cute fart.

The two people headed home.

this Picture is that party is opened and celebrated 70 years old,


Pictures are in her early twenties, the grandmother.

This is a picture of when?

Hong Hyun-Bong : a man call his wife 'ANE' in korea.

Hong Hyun-Bong : but I think 'ANE' means Sun in the House.

Sun in the house.

Hong Hyun-Bong : you have a toxic nose, pretty. your nose.

Hong Hyun-Bong : I can't see the nostrils in your nose. really pretty nose.

Hong Hyun-Bong : actually, all of you are so beautiful.

Hong Hyun-Bong : nowhere not so pretty. Yes pretty

My wife changed.

Just broke up, she look not good. she looks like the ones that came here for the first time here and look around blankly here and there.

Lee Da-sun : who?

Reporter : You do not know me?
Lee Da-sun : Yup

Lee Da-sun : nephew?

Reporter : have you ever seen the person in the room, do you know who is he?

Lee Da-sun : in the room? I do not know.

Lee Da-sun : who is he?

Reporter : does she have any trouble in memories?

Hong Hyun-Bong : Yes. she get dementia, medium term.

Reporter : what are you doing now?

Lee Da-sun : this one?

Reporter : well, don't you remember?

Hong Hyun-Bong : my wife is a visually impaired as first grade.
Reporter : then, can't she see amything?

Hong Hyun-Bong : she can not see the correctly to the subject as server disability of 1st class visually impaired.

Hong Hyun-Bong : my mother did suffered from paralytic for 3 years.

Hong Hyun-Bong : at that time, my wife took care of my mother in the hospital, and that's why my wife missed the chance to treatment period.

Hong Hyun-Bong : and so, her eye can not see due to glaucoma.

Reporter : grandmother, do you know the person who is he, what's relationship of you?

Lee Da-sun : who is he?

Reporter : Are you married?

Lee Da-sun : marriage? of course, I got married.

Reporter : where is your husband?

Lee Da-sun : husband? nowhere is My husband.

Reporter : really?

Reporter : then, Is he your husband?
Lee Da-sun : He is not

Reporter : not him?
Lee Da-sun : he is 'Oppa', my brother.

Her Remember is broken in the darkness world. He is only the man who being a grandma's eyes and cane. the man is her husband as well. But every morning She let's get yesterday's memories are stripped away.
He is stranger people merely everyday, not husband for her.
How can he explain I am a your husband and if you are, can you be able to explain how to do that.

In the morning my wife's memory is gone.

Hong Hyun-Bong : well~ hugs.

Hong Hyun-Bong : do some hugs for me~

Hong Hyun-Bong : soldiers wear in uniform, wearing a police uniform too. So, the couple just would wear the same cloths. Like a One body.

Hong Hyun-Bong : honey~. I love you.
Lee Da-sun : Yes.

Hong Hyun-Bong : I sincerely love you.
Lee Da-sun : Yes.

Hong Hyun-Bong : you becomes old, even with a bunch of wrinkles on the face, you looks so beautiful for me.

Hong Hyun-Bong : you are cute and pretty more than bride.

Hong Hyun-Bong : please kiss my beard. honny.

Hong Hyun-Bong : honey ~ check it out, please.

Hong Hyun-Bong : sick. Here, please get it out of my hand.

continously say his love confession. miraculous After a while, she call him 'Yubo'. she become to get a feel as her husband.

Reporter : who is he living with you?

Lee Da-sun : living with me? He is my husband.

Lee Da-sun : I told you he is my husband yesterday.

Hong Hyun-Bong : Honey ~ I went out for a moment. Do not touch anything like a fire.

Hong Hyun-Bong : don't turn on gas oven, no fire.
Lee Da-sun : Yes.

Grandpa go out and Grandma have been waiting for him.

Grandpa is waiting for something in somewhere.

grandmother in Hazy memories looking for only one.

Reporter : now, who is your best lover or Darling?

Lee Da-sun : just. currently walking with me.

Reporter : theseday, around you?
Lee Da-sun : Yes.

Reporter : here living with your brother?

Lee Da-sun : Yep. my brother did for me everything.

Reporter : do you get feel love from him?
Lee Da-sun : Yes ~

Hong Hyun-Bong : honey ~
Lee Da-sun : Yes?

Hong Hyun-Bong : Please get it here.
Lee Da-sun : what?

Hong Hyun-Bong : for lunch. I bought the lunch for you.

Lee Da-sun : your hands are freezing. freezing.

Lee Da-sun : here toast your hand. There sat arround fire.

when she catches his hands, she becomes be happy and comfortable.
even though Memories are fading away, the love remains.

Doctor : now, I'll give you some reading. please keep your memory.

Doctor : pencil

Doctor : pine

Doctor : now is the beyond point that the end in the medium term. she will be a bit of body as stiff and couldn't pee soon.

Doctor : before more worse, you had better to find out nursing facilities or hospital.

Hong Hyun-Bong : you mean nursing facility, besides , make be alone with her?

she can not remember he is her husband but she get a feel that he love her closely.

They hold hands around the hospital.

the love which is started newly on everyday, but they can not make it even like this.
To catch the her memories, so trying to remember, but her memory only goes far away.

After a visiting the hospital, he guide her to a beauty salon.

Hairdresser : becomes quite pretty.

Now He rush to walk to somewhere.

Hong Hyun-Bong : Is it all right for me to order flowers? I hope to do picking up.

Rose flowers are really beautiful.

Hong Hyun-Bong : hey honny, we maybe go to heaven in short time being.

Hong Hyun-Bong : I want to live more beautifully with you. So today I want to once again to the wedding with you.

Grandfather want to be a her husband once again.

He get ring into the her hands.

Although forgotten everything tomorrow, but he want to profess love for his wife.

Hong Hyun-Bong : I love you. You're my wife.
Lee Da-sun : Yes.

Hong Hyun-Bong : you never forget me, your husband.

Hong Hyun-Bong : do not. do not please.

Hong Hyun-Bong : don't forget me.

Lee Da-sun : why did I forget~. I don't forget you...

Hong Hyun-Bong : really be happy in our life. Love you.
Lee Da-sun : Yes.

Now they are wedding again.

True love is to remember the their chest?
Like Mr. Hyun and Ms. Lee.


The old cattle rancher in Greece was a narcissus was a beautiful.

The beauty of this young Evander was a nymph who do their courtship, he didn't see anything flirtatious.
He has gone to nymph named echo, narcissus of the temple to express their love, but everytime I turn.
One day he came into the ground in search of her husband Zeus flirt Hera the goddess of love, has not been attempted answer awoke his eco-angry rest forever cursed to follow the horse laid down.

He entered the cave in the eco was so sad this is the God of vengeance nemesis narcissus saw a
Walk in love with oneself the curse.
One day he found a thirsty Sam narcissu whereas in his appearance in the water to himself whereas fell in love was unable to catch the beautiful people of the water out of the water even as he sat down he does not drink water, eat rice on the spot was dead only heartburn.
This look is cute to bury him and the nymph to Sam is found in its place is a narcissus flower in place and he is dead, there is no peer was ~
Now if you look at the PIN on narcissus who think inflation?


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