rcpt No & Date.   00434   March 24, 2017
Real Name :   Justine Angela Nisperos
저스틴 안젤라 니스페로스
  • Country : Philippines's Woman
  • Pure Korean Style, Currently called in new generation.
  • Purpose? - i'm gonna use it for a lot of purpose. I'm going to use in my social media accounts. Like Youtube, Instead of having a username like goldenkookie02, mintaekook, taehanged and etc. i'm going to use my korean name. - I'm also gonna use it as a username in kpop and bts amino apps - I want it official. Because when i visit to South Korea someday, i'm going to use it. Why? - I want a korean name of my own and since i'm learning korean, i'm going to introduce myself using that name. - My name is too long to write. 저스틴 안젤라 - I've tried making one for myself but it is so hard. I've tried using korean name generators. And even tried apply chinese characters. But i can't choose the right one. Meaning? - one of my problems because it is even hard to describe myself in words. And it is hard to come up of a name because i have two given names. - Justine means Right, Just, Fair. - Angela means messenger of God or simply just associated with good. - Personality? It would be quiet, reserved, introvert, and a wallflower. ~ 이름이 원해요. 제발요, 도와주세요. ~ its okay if i'm going to wait for a few days. Take your time. I'll just patiently wait for my name. ~ I admire beautiful korean names with beautiful meanings. 정말 감사합니다~ p.s ~ i don't really want to send my picture because of privacy issues, but since it is a requirement, i used my recent selfie. pp.s ~ can you please include my korean surname? Thanks again.
    [ he bin ]
    Written By English :   He Bin
    name's meaning : very beautiful person like a light of sun always

        Explanation of Hangul Naming

    Hi Justine,

    you looks completely clever and beautiful person!
    and thanks for your deep and cute loving to korean culture.

    your name is written by hangul as "저스틴(Ju-s-tine) 안젤라(An-gel-la) 니스페로스(Ni-s-pe-ro-s)"
    your name is also very beautiful pronunciation to korean and looks very friendly.

    we suggest your korean name as "해빈[he bin]"
    "해" means the sun.
    "빈" means twinkle and glorious
    your korean name means the person like a sunshine.

    Thanks very much.
    from Kpopis Naming Team

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    Justine Angela Nisperos
    Tuesday April 18, 9:05 pm by Guest

    감사합니다! I love it


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