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, Korean debut c.n.Blue Japan on August 19, 2009 in the mini album, Now or Never "and" the Voice of that year, November 25, and indie bands to the study and activities to date. Live

c.n.Blue belonging to one of the 2010-01-06-this is the debut album "Bluetory", a music video teaser to the Burning of the Lovely, Untouchable, and one for the Emotional three versions released on MNet dot com.This teaser video 5 minute hits 1000 million to mark drew attention, such as hot.

January 14, was album release and showcase in the KBS's music Bank on January 15, "had its debut at the stage. C.n.Blue's debut album, 〈manufacture and lonely night 〉 receives much attention to the public at the same time, January 29, KBS's music Bank "debuted in the first 15 days in the first place.

Kang min-hyuk is an "Bluetory", after the activity "Mnet's Countdown, MC has been picked as the Embarcadero-Hwa appeared on MBC's we got married".

March 20, the first Studio album in Japan. "--ThankU

5/19, the second mini album, c.n.Blue Bluelove "release. Song "Love", "Love" is a soft guitar sounds are in harmony with the rhythm of the song c.n.Blue own unique live song.

May 20th, Mnet's m countdown "," Love "through a comeback, and also very popular, as well as various singles charts at no. 1 on 1 in music program. "Bluelove" when constituted in Korea as, Mr. Yen blue is the first single in Japan on June 23, "The Way". "The Way" is the title of the "One Time", "One Time" on top of the oricon daily chart 11. nominated

July 17-Jung-hwa's popularity for SBS and was picked as the MC yo, held in Seoul on July 31, the first solo concert "Listen to the CNBLUE" was a success. September 15, was in Japan I don't know why, "the second single release,"-"I don't know why" of party composition of the oricon daily singles chart, oricon indie chart weekly 1 on 8 Windows and above. "I don't know why" activities, the members of the private activities between high-ranking officials became active.Kang min-hyuk is SBS drama "cool daddy daughter" was cast in the films, Lee Jong-Hyun, also appeared with acoustic. In addition, Jung hwa's night for nightly "appeared on SBS. The end of 2010, there are several awards from, Shin won the impression 〈manufacture and lonely night 〉 and 〈manufacture and love light 〉, "Love" in several recordings chart's annual T O P 100 in a single chart positions. Moreover, even in the whole chart released albums chart, and "Bluelove", "Bluetory" is a gross sales volume for each of the 7 million T O P 20 per year beyond the great rankings.

c.n.Blue Korea 2011 activities ahead of the January 9, the third single release, "RE-MAINTENANCE". Track listing-chung composed of the characters for "Smile again, Try again" was ranked in the oricon singles chart daily 2.

on March 7 and March 14, South Korea, the first Studio album "c.n.Blue FIRST released teaser footage of the STEP.

3/21, the first Studio album release was a live concert and the guerrilla, March 24, Mnet's m countdown displays had the stage a comeback.This is the hot reaction and foot which 〈manufacture intuition 〉 magic, such as real-time charts and daily chart after first place in. In addition, the comeback, the week after March 31, Mnet countdown to launch of first place in the Embarcadero to the airwaves in KBS's music Bank, SBS has won first place on the first time after its debut, "and the Mnet's m countdown KBS's music Bank, in the Triple Crown.

4/26/special-Pack album, FIRST STEP + 1 (PLUS ONE) THANK YOU "to release the GIRL (New Ver LOVE 〈manufacture and sales.), May 19, working as 〉 Mnet's m countdown, may 20, 2009, KBS's music Bank, May 21, MBC show!, the Music Center FIRST STEP as in Ah edu specials + 1 (PLUS ONE) Don't say "THANK YOU" good bye "in the stage of the SBS, May 22, 2009 on" intuition "," stage of LOVE GIRL (New Ver) ", and" FIRST album regular 1 STEP activities were completed. Kang min-hyuk Chung

members at the MBC drama "for and you've been cast in" me 30, June 29-August-18 proceeded to shoot the drama.Drama at the end of the shooting, various live on stage, on September 1st in Japan rose, subeshi last album-392 (Thank you too (much)), the third album released on the oricon daily, weekly indie 7 1.

in addition, in Japan on September 10, Japan (MAKUHARI MESSE) Makuhari Messe (Linkin Park) opens from Linkin Park's solo show at the opening stage.Generally, overseas artists overseas performances as the opening show of the country when the artist when you view the to select the show this Linkin Park Japan is South Korea's opening of the selected as c.n.Blue unusual.

September 17th-September 18, held in Seoul in concert throughout the two days of the "BLUE STORM" and success, September 25, a group of indie's 15,000-seat without the analogy Yokohama Arena, the last concert in Indy 's.October 19, at the end of the life of two years and major subeshi debut. Debut in Japan on the first day, the guerilla concert in progress Shinjuku-7000 people who swarmed in for safety reasons, only one song live Digest. The first day of the oricon daily charts and third place, more than the other groups in Japan sales to sales, a major record label release was to celebrate and participate in the event last year, more than one thousand.In addition, the oricon weekly chart, and sold only a week in Japan and successful Chapter 1200 major debut.

's debut single album on November 10, 2011 Japan record Association became a gold record in the selection. More than 10 million copies in Japan gold record albums sold Japan record Association granted class certification is the way.Domestic activities in Japan as a singer, debut single by starting over 10 million, moreover, is unusual as a chapter in this single's track listing are all members of the Chair of c.n.Blue won't mean deep album with compositions even more.

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