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  How to set Korean Keyboard.
  when you write the articles by korean language charset, you can set window IME.

Windows x p is designed to support the language around the world, even in English, is of course the Han.
In particular, the Korean reading a Web page that Internet Explorer is by itself when you visit the site to be as Hangul.
I am going to install the files for East Asian-related questions you can answer detractors, OK, there's a related stuff to read.
However, it is not only have the Hangul for typing, ...
Type the Hangul you want to follow the course of a few more, if you install the Korean Input Method Editor (IME).
Also known as the Korean Input Method Editor (IME) Input Method Editor.

This article describes the English Windows x p (Windows XP) only in Hangul, and installing the rest of Windows (Windows 2000 or 98/95, and so on) each of the corresponding Web page, see.

In the Dubeolsik Hangul layout consonants take up the left side of the keyboard and vowels the right.
Shift key will give you the double consonants, for example pressing SHIFT + ㄱ yields ㄲ. The right Alt key switches between Hangul and Roman alphabet, and the right Ctrl transforms final syllable you typed into a Hanja character.

A. Window XP or Older Version

1. open the control panel (Control Panel), you look like this:

Date, Time, Language, and here in the Regional Options icon (a red arrow pointing) pressed, you can adjust the region or language edition comes out.

2. press the "Add other languages" in there, with the following screen.

3. from here
"Install files for East Asian languages is called" check box is checked, and that is OK, you receive the East Asian languages (say, say, say, people's Republic of China in Korea, Japan) is installed. After the installation finishes, restart the system (system restart).Antonin Scalia, restart the system.
Already you can see the Internet Explorer, such as Hangul, and if you have already installed the files for East Asian languages. If this check box is already checked, just as is, I suppose.

4. Control Pannel ;

open the Control Panel when you restart the system, the above page (Regional and Language Options), and come back again.

5. Text services and input languages "..." button, and then in the Details.
This button is pressed, the "Text Services and Input Languages" page.

Here, the "Add" to add a Korean Input Method Editor (IME).

6. When you click Add, as follows: "Add Input Language" screen appears.

"Input language" ":" in Korean, locate and select it.
Keyboard layout/IME to, and "Korean Input System (IME 2002)".
(This is like the above screen)
Click OK, and then click done.

7. now turn the English Windows x p can be written in Hangul.
On top of the screen that looks like the picture below shows up somewhere in the right corner.


At the start than this would be a bit complicated-looking in the picture to appear, you reduce the size of the easy-to-use showed shortly.
Here, the important thing is that the East Asian input method editor appeared titled KO.

8. so how is one to enter Asian text?
In the above input method ", click on" EN "or" KO, comes as shown below,

When you check in Korean, Korean keyboard typing this. Hangul when entering the English language, you can use the keyboard to just. IME is enabled, each time you hit the Korean alphabet instead of the keyboard.
The right Alt "key on the keyboard," if he "right Alt" key each time you press the convert Hangul/English.

B. Window 10 Setting

1. Add and switch input and display language preferences
Adding an input language enables you to set a language-preference order for websites and apps, as well as change your keyboard language.
Select the Start button, then Settings > Time & language > Region & language.
Select Add a language.
Select the language you want to use from the list. Your download will begin immediately.

Note: To switch the input language you're using in Windows 10, select the language abbreviation at the far right of your taskbar and then select the language or input method you want to use. You can also press and hold the Windows logo key and then repeatedly press the Spacebar to cycle through all your languages.

2. Add and switch input and display language preferences
Changing your display language allows you to change the language your entire Windows 10 operating system will use. After installing the language pack, set that language as default to change the Windows 10 display language.
Go to Start > Settings > Time & language > Region & language.
Choose one of your languages and then select Options.
Select Download from the Download language pack option.
Once the language pack is installed, select  back.
Choose one of your languages that reads Language pack installed and then select Set as default to make that language the Windows 10 display language.

Hangul Pronunciation of Vowels and Consonants

Click first the Korean Alphabet of Hangul Spelling and move mouse to hear

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